Immunoblots: an old friend with a new face – An interview with EUROIMMUN

Immunoblots are an important laboratory-diagnostic tool to detect autoimmune diseases, allergies and infectious diseases. They enable monospecific detection of many different antibodies and, simultaneously, their differentiation. Especially autoimmune diseases, such as myositis, may be caused by manifold antibodies– many of them occurring with very low prevalences. This often leads to a long search and the question: How many and which autoantibodies should be investigated? In such cases, line blots represent an ideal solution, since they allow for multiparametric antibody analyses and contribute to minimising diagnostic gaps.

EUROIMMUN has been developing and marketing innovative immunoblot systems for 30 years now. To these also belong the EUROLINE. In contrast to conventional line blots, the EUROLINE test strips contain antigens coated on individual membrane chips. This allows to combine native and recombinant antigens on one test strip despite their very different characteristics.

Since they offer a wide range of antigen combinations and the option of fully automated incubation and evaluation, EUROLINE tests are a staple in many diagnostic laboratories. The successful EUROLINE product portfolio is now complemented by the new EUROMicroblot tests which are composed of miniaturised line blots in microplates.

Recently, Clinical Laboratory International (CLI) interviewed Dr Philip Rosenstock, Head of Product Management at EUROIMMUN to find out more about the different immunoblot products.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

For example, our EUROLINE ANA Profiles enable specific confirmation of up to 23 autoantibodies that give rise to nuclear patterns in indirect immunofluorescence screening on HEp-2 cells. We are proud to say that they are among the top tests used by participants in quality assurance schemes such as INSTAND!


We are excited to introduce our new EUROMicroblot system, which meets our customers’ needs for higher throughput blot analyses. It combines the best of two technologies, providing 96-well microplates fitted with miniaturised line blot strips”

Read the full interview and get to know more on the large range of different EUROIMMUN immunoblots and the new format, the EUROMicroblots.

Immunoblots – an old friend with a new face – Clinical Laboratory int. (

Find out more about our EUROMicroblots in this video:

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