Automated allergy diagnostics from alder to zucchini

Over 30% of people in Germany suffer from an allergy. Whether it’s a runny nose, itchy skin or breathing difficulties – many allergy sufferers only notice minor symptoms at first, but for some they can be very severe. And in many cases, the trigger is unclear. To identify the causative allergen, EUROIMMUN’s EUROLINE immunoblots can be used to detect specific antibodies (IgE) in serum. The required sample volume for a multiparameter test is only 100 µl, which also makes the test an ideal choice for paediatric allergy diagnostics. Further EUROLINE products are available for use in infection, autoimmune and veterinary diagnostics.

One EUROLINE allergy profile can cover up to 54 allergens, making the testing very efficient. EUROIMMUN currently offers 69 different multiparameter allergy profiles for different indications and regions allowing users in the entire world to find products ideally suited to their needs.

In addition to a wide profile range, the exclusion of potential cross-reactivities is also important when identifying an allergen. These unwanted interactions can be caused by – mainly known – structural homologies of proteins or by the presence of IgE antibodies against cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCD). These anti-CCD IgE antibodies can cause false negative results by interacting with sugar structures on the protein surface of the antigens. To exclude cross-reactivities due to anti-CCD IgE antibodies as much as possible, the EUROLINE test strips contain an additional CCD marker. If the interfering antibodies are detected using the marker, an additional anti-CCD absorbent can be used. This reagent binds the anti-CCD IgE antibodies in the serum and thus increases the specificity of the.

The processing of EUROLINE immunoblots can be flexibly adapted depending on sample throughput and specific requirements. EUROIMMUN offers a variety of automation concepts, one of them being the EUROBlotOne – a fully automated solution with maximum walk-away time. This benchtop device has a capacity of 44 samples per run and takes on all relevant steps from sample identification, incubation and test strip washing drying and image acquisition. With over 900 devices placed worldwide, the EUROBlotOne is a much-used and well-established laboratory diagnostic system.

To make the evaluation of the individual test strips as fast and as easy as possible, EUROIMMUN has developed the EUROLineScan software. After image acquisition by the EUROBlotOne, the software identifies the individual bands of the blot and evaluates their intensity. The results are delivered in the established EAST (enzyme allergo-sorbent test) class system and can be easily managed and securely archived together with the corresponding (image) data. Subsequently, the data communication can be performed as usual via connection to the laboratory management software EUROLabOffice 4.0 or directly with the laboratory information system (LIS).

Would you like to take a look at the composition of a EUROLINE test strip, the loading of a EUROBlotOne or its dimensions?

Watch our latest videos to get the most important data and facts and get an insight into allergy diagnostics with EUROLINE and the EuroBlotOne!

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