“Always treat others as you would like to be treated by them.”

EUROIMMUN blog rules for a fair dialogue and respectful cooperation.

We have established this blog to promote an exchange of ideas with journalists, scientists, interested parties and multipliers. In order to enable a constructive discussion, some rules are necessary.

We look forward to a productive exchange of ideas with you. Please note the following rules before posting a comment.

Friendly, factual and tolerant:

Please write your comment in a tone that you, as author of a blog text, would wish from others. We ask you to always use a friendly tone for your comments. Show tolerance of other opinions — no one is the sole owner of the truth.

Respect of copyright:

Please respect the intellectual property of other people. When citing others, please provide a reference or link to the author. Always obtain permission from the author beforehand. This also applies to images and videos.

Moderation and deletion of comments:

Blog posts are moderated by the editor. This means that comments do not appear online immediately but are first cleared. This clearance is solely to ensure that insults, abuse, slander, offensive or discriminatory comments, copyright infringements or other illegal or criminal content (including in the form of links), automatically generated texts (spam) and commercial promotions or product or service advertisements do not appear live.

All such comments will be deleted, as we do not want our blog to contain insulting, abusive, offensive or discriminatory comments. By moderating this blog we ensure that the types of comments listed above do not even appear – thereby also protecting our authors and guest bloggers.

Data protection:

Name and email address must be given when posting a comment – the website of the commentator can also be included. Email addresses will not be published, but must be deliverable. Our goal is to promote a fair and open dialogue.


EUROIMMUN AG provides no guarantee of the correctness and completeness of our contributions. Comments on our contributions reflect solely the opinions of individual readers. EUROIMMUN AG also provides no guarantee of the correctness and completeness of the content of comments, nor of the correctness, completeness and content of linked websites.

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