Novel cell-based assay for autoantibody detection in demyelination

A novel cell-based immunofluorescence assay (CBA) provides sensitive and specific detection of IgM antibodies against myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG), as demonstrated in a study published in collaboration with scientists from the University of Verona and the Pediatric Research Institute in Padua, Italy. The Anti-MAG CBA is now available for research use*. Anti-MAG-IgM antibodies are markers for […]

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Neurological symptoms: a diagnostic challenge

There is a huge variety of neurological diseases and it often takes specialists a long time to figure out the cause of a patient’s symptoms. Doctors regularly encounter patients with unspecific neurological complaints. In these cases, differential diagnostics is crucial to finding the right therapy. Even if the doctor has a suspicion and there are


Novel autoantibody against DAGLA discovered in cerebellitis

Diacylglycerol lipase alpha (DAGLA) has been identified as a novel autoantibody target in patients with rapid progressive cerebellar ataxia. The autoantibodies were characterised as part of a collaborative study between scientists at EUROIMMUN (Lübeck, Germany), the Hannover Medical School, (Hannover, Germany) and further institutes and clinics. The study was published in April 2024 the journal


Antibody testing reduces dengue vaccination risk

As the COVID-19 pandemic has recently demonstrated, vaccinations are one of the most important and effective preventive measures in medicine for the protection against an infectious disease. Dengue fever is one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide, but often underestimated. Dengue fever is caused by dengue virus (DENV) which is, among others, spread to


Revvity’s EUROIMMUN and ALPCO-GeneProof Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand CE-IVD Molecular Assay Offerings

Press release Lübeck, 25 April 2024 Revvity’s EUROIMMUN business, a leading provider of high-quality in-vitro diagnostic products, and ALPCO-GeneProof, a global leader in molecular diagnostics, jointly announced a strategic partnership to enhance the availability of GeneProof PCR kits throughout the European Union. This collaboration brings together EUROIMMUN’s extensive distribution network and support infrastructure with ALPCO-GeneProof’s

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