“I have my little daughter close to me every day”

Jessica Rühs is medical technical assistant (MTA) at EUROIMMUN and likes that the company helps her to combine her professional career and her family.

Please introduce yourself shortly and let us know how you came to EUROIMMUN.

My name is Jessica and I did a vocational training in Schwerin to be a medical technical laboratory assistant. I have now worked at EUROIMMUN for more than five years. I started working here right after finishing my vocational training.

How did you learn about EUROIMMUN?

Two of my teachers in the vocational training had worked here and told me many good things about EUROIMMUN. Shortly before concluding my training I sent my application in.

In which department do you work at EUROIMMUN?

I work at the headquarters in Lübeck, in the department ELISA Autoimmune Diagnostics. With my colleagues, we produce ELISA tests. These tests can detect different autoantibodies, for example against antigens of cell nuclei, and are used to diagnose autoimmune diseases.

Which aspect of your work do you like best?

I really enjoy the manual incubation of the ELISA tests, when we check whether the produced tests work. I find this manual work more interesting than for example supervising the incubation in one of our instruments which almost does it all itself. I also really like the fact that in the lab, we work independently and are given responsibility!

What characteristics do you think new colleagues should have if they want to work in your team?

I think it is important to be a team player! Also, you should be motivated and flexible. In a laboratory, you never know exactly what your day will bring…

What does EUROIMMUN offer as an employer?

The company is so family friendly! We have a nice company kindergarten and I have my little daughter close to me every day. I also have flexible work hours and no shift work. And another important aspect is the amazing food! Almost every day I have lunch with my colleagues in the restaurant, and they serve gorgeous food at a really great price!

Is there anything else that you particularly like about EUROIMMUN?

I really like that everyone is so friendly! Everyone that you meet here will greet you with a friendly “Hello”! I also like the company parties! Our 25 year-anniversary party was just amazing!

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