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“I would have never thought I’d find a job in the biotechnology sector in my hometown”

Dominik J. has been working as a product manager at EUROIMMUN for two years and tells us about his start with the new employer.

Please tell us how you came to EUROIMMUN!

I sent a speculative application and was first invited to an interview as a scientist in the field of allergy diagnostics. I had an interview with Wolfgang Schlumberger from the board of directors and the head of department.

The atmosphere was quite relaxed and laid-back, which I really liked.

In the course of the conversation, I was told that there was also another vacancy which Wolfgang thought me to suit even better. He asked me whether I could also image to do that job. Up to that point I hadn’t any experience in that area, but was very willing to try.

After this, there was a second round of interviews, with the head of the marketing and sales department. I was offered the job as a product manager and I said yes. And then I started working here very soon!

You mentioned the job interview. Was this different at EUROIMMUN than in other companies?

Yes, definitely. The atmosphere was very relaxed. Also, it is not at all normal that the vice director of the company sits down with the applicant and talks with them through everything. If you consider what an annual turnover EUROIMMUN makes as one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in laboratory diagnostics equipment, I think this is very special.

In many large companies, the applicant has to go through an assessment centre before the interviews even start. They usually don’t get in touch with the top management of the company, at least not if they’re just young professionals, and that’s exactly what I am.

Since you refer to yourself as a young professional – what did you do before?

I studied biology at the University of Kiel. During my study, I specialised in microbiology, cell biology and virology of infectious diseases in order to later do my diploma and my doctorate degree in microbiology.

After this, my wife and I went to live in the US where I worked in a post-doc position in an independent research project. When my first daughter was born, my priorities in life changed and I didn’t want to sacrifice that much time of my private life any more. In the science world, however, this is normal, and even more if you want to become a university professor. I wasn’t interested in that and therefore looked for a job in the industry.

Since I was born in Lübeck, it seemed natural to come back, also because we have a big family who lives nearby. EUROIMMUN was one of the first places to go and therefore I sent in a speculative application for a science job- I really wanted to maintain this focus. The job as product manager is perfect! I have a steady employment which considers the scientific aspect that I like so much.

What was your first day at EUROIMMUN like?

I participated in the welcome event for new employees. It was nice to be introduced to everything and made aware of any particularities. For example the company culture, the fact that everyone uses the informal “Du”, from the apprentice to the CEO, the time recording, and so much more. Very importantly, it gave me the opportunity to socialize. For example, I met people from other departments. I really enjoyed that.

What happened after that first day?

Everyone who starts working in the product management participates in a 4 week course in the EUROIMMUN Academy. This is important to gain an overview of EUROIMMUN’s products.

I was lucky and was in a mixed group of very nice people, two from Brazil, one from London, and myself. We got along very well from the start. Of course it is a lot to take in if you learn about new and complex topics every day for eight hours, it is so much information! However, since we all got along so well, it was also a very nice time.

Those colleagues now work for EUROIMMUN in the subsidiaries. We are still in touch and meet up when there is a chance.

What has been your personal highlight up to now?

If I think about it, I am very happy to be working in my hometown and to be close to my family. I would have never thought this would be possible. The chances of finding a job in the biotech sector just exactly where I wanted it were rather low.

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