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My job in the production department at EUROIMMUN – i wouldn’t want to work anywhere else

Simone is a trained hotel specialist and works as career changer at the company site Rennersdorf (Saxony). Here she tells us why her job in production makes her happy.

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Simone, I‘m 47 and have been working with EUROIMMUN for over 20 years.

What did you train as?

First I did a training as skilled worker in the poultry production and later trained to be a hotel specialist.

You came to EUROIMMUN as a career changer and now you work in production. What exactly do you do?

I work in the Westernblot department and am in charge of cutting the membranes into test strips. The strips are first sprayed with glue before they are covered with a protective foil and then cut into strips. The cutting is done with a device which was developed and produced by EUROIMMUN.

The strips are then processed to be parts of test kits. Not only am I responsible for preparative tasks such as glueing the sealed border bags or folded cards, but also for documentation of the entire work process.

What do you like about your job in production?

On the one hand, I have very interesting tasks and responsibility. On the other hand, I like the routine. The tasks are virtually the same every day, which I really like since I do not need a new challenge every day. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any! Quite the contrary, there are changes in the process since we aim at continuously improving our products.

It is always interesting and fun to put these changes into practice. Just to give you an example, many years ago, I still cut the Westernblot strips with a manual cutter, and today, they are cut with a highly modern cutting device.

Other than that, the constancy of my work is exactly what I need. There are, however, also hectic days. For example when the colleagues in Lübeck urgently need something from us. In these cases, it is good if you can keep calm and really trust your colleagues. That really keeps me going.

According to you, what qualities should you have to work in the production at EUROIMMUN?

You should be able to concentrate even under pressure. That means, even if it gets hectic, you should be able to keep calm so no mistakes happen. It is also important to be punctual, reliable and to have good vision. I actually just got glasses, for work. If you can’t see properly, you easily confuse the very small numbers on the lot labels of the test strips. 6 and 8 may look very much alike then!

For you, what does EUROIMMUN stand for as an employer?

  1. Security.
  2. A constant income.
  3. Fixed work times.
  4. The child-friendliness.
  5. The company restaurant offers excellent food.
  6. Our common breakfast every morning.
  7. I don’t know any company where you can laugh as much together.
  8. The company parties.
  9. The solidarity among children.
  10. The familiar atmosphere.

 Up to now, what was your personal highlight at EUROIMMUN?

The sixtieth birthday of our CEO in Lübeck. He invited us all, and basically said “Come all to Lübeck and celebrate with me!”. The programme, the location, the hotel, it was all just amazing!

Thank you very much for the interview!

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