Anika berichtet von ihrem Job bei EUROIMMUN.

„Here, you don’t stop learning and you can develop new skills“

Anika Z. has decided to leave EUROIMMUN. In this interview she describes her time here and why she is leaving. Please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Anika. I was born in November 1988 and live south of Schwerin. I worked at EUROIMMUN in Lübeck for 3 ½ years.

Sadly, you are leaving EUROIMMUN. What are the reasons for this?

I am very attached to my home region. I not only want to live there, but also to start working there. I am simply drawn back to my home.

Relocating was never an option for you then?

At the start, yes. For a fan of the Baltic Sea like me, the location is actually perfect. The coast is nearby and Lübeck is a good sized town to live in. But with the years it became clearer where my heart beats and where I belong. The idea of relocating receded into the background. Today, I would not consider it.

In which department did you work at EUROIMMUN and for how long?

I worked for my entire time in the Human Resources Department, more precisely in Personnel Marketing and Recruiting. This team takes care of all personnel matters, from the arrival of an application to the interview and hiring, until an employee leaves the company. In addition, we advise the company management and serve as a contact for employees who have something on their mind.

When you look back at the 3 ½ years, how did your career develop and what did you learn in this time?

I started at EUROIMMUN as a Human Resources Assistant and worked in tandem with a Human Resources Officer. During this time I was coached intensively and learned a lot, so that at the end I was in charge of my own area and quickly took on responsibility. When my “tandem partnerˮ went on maternity leave, I got the chance to continue as a Human Resources Officer – that was a great challenge.

What did you like about your job in the Human Resources Department?

The variety. Of course there were routine day-to-day tasks that had to be done. But nevertheless, there was always something new. I enjoyed in particular the cooperation with the department managers and scientific departments. You go through the recruitment process together, from “I’m looking for a new member of staff” to the hiring. But also being a contact person when a member of staff has worries or problems – I think this suited me well, as I naturally like to help people. In this respect I was in my element at EUROIMMUN.

In your opinion, what qualities and characteristics should a new colleague possess to work in the Human Resources Department?

Above all, you must be knowledgeable about human nature, be able to communicate and to cope if things do not go well. Being discreet and being able to identify and solve problems – these things are critical. Everything else concerning procedures and systems in the work routine can be learned. EUROIMMUN places great value on intensive job training.

You have always worked a lot with people. What did you do beforehand?

I previously worked for a business association in Schwerin and advised regional companies on different aspects of the job market – in particular regarding the shortage of skilled workers. The goal was to open the door to applicants who would otherwise find it difficult to get work, such as the long-term unemployed or young people with criminal records.

What qualifications do you have?

I studied social sciences at the University of Rostock. During this time I noticed quickly that I was not the typical student. After completing my Bachelor’s degree I wanted to do practical work, have a team around me and just get started. It was important for me to stay in the north. I need to have the water around me!

Let’s talk about how everything started. How did you come to EUROIMMUN?

Through my job at the business association I visited EUROIMMUN in Lübeck and met Sandy, the Head of Human Resources. After the meeting, Sandy placed a job advertisement in my hands for me to put under my pillow. As I was active in an EU project funded by grants, my position was time-limited. Therefore, I decided quickly to apply to EUROIMMUN.

Even though some time has passed, can you remember how your first weeks at EUROIMMUN were?

My impression in the initial weeks was how friendly the people around me were. I remember I was annoyed that I could not remember everyone’s name. However, I never got the feeling of not fitting in or being the new person. That is something I always told applicants: EUROIMMUN ensures that staff settle in well – in addition to your mentor, all other colleagues will also provide help if you need it. Despite the large size of the company, you feel comfortable from day one.

What did you value most at EUROIMMUN?

As a new employee at EUROIMMUN, you are given time to settle in. I was also given responsibility quickly. For this, you need to possess dedication and perseverance, but it is worth it. Apart from this, I valued the team spirit and solidarity among the staff – when it gets stressful, everybody pulls together.

Would you recommend EUROIMMUN as an employer?

Definitively. The working atmosphere is great and you can develop professionally. Of course, the social aspects and everything about working here are recommendable, that’s clear. But the most important thing is that you don’t stay still at one level and your colleagues are always ready to listen.

What will you miss the most?

My team! And all the colleagues who I worked with during my time at EUROIMMUN. I learned a lot from the heads of the departments – to be assertive, to listen and to see the whole picture rather than just one perspective. I can comment on what I really liked, but not exactly what I will miss. I will have to see what my new job brings. I will experience new things, while other things will be missing – like the fantastic people I worked with.

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