“The mix of activities is what makes my job as a product manager especially interesting”

Dominik J. is a product manager at EUROIMMUN and tells us about his tasks

Please introduce yourself and tell us what is your task at EUROIMMUN.

I‘m Dominik and I have been working as a product manager for autoimmunity at EUROIMMUN for a year. My focus are the serological test systems for the diagnosis of neurological autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

What does your typical work day look like?

As a product manager, I work as the interface between the sales and marketing, the production, and research and development. And I deal with the customers.

I accompany product launches, coordinate single project steps and the creation of marketing and info material. Basically, I take into account many different components which are important to make the process smooth. With concern to marketing, I ask myself questions such as “How do I place a product? What are the strong points of our product in comparison to the competitor’s product? What is the market situation in other countries like? Who might be potential target groups in Germany and abroad?” Moreover, I support our sales department from a scientific point of view. For example, I assist customers who have enquiries about complex topics such as the diseases or the assays, etc.

I also support and organise seminars and workshops in Germany and abroad, hold lectures and visit customers. Altogether, the tasks are very varied.

Owing to this enormous variety of tasks, up to four product managers are responsible for one topic. Responsibilities are divided into the areas of autoimmunity, infection diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, allergy diagnostics, and instruments and software.

Do you have to travel often?

Since we are actively involved in the planning of the congresses, fairs and seminars, we can influence in how much we actually travel. I guess product managers travel approximately 1/5 of their time. I enjoy it and like to get in touch with people on site, representing the company at a fair, at the customer’s or in seminars.

Which prerequisites are necessary if you want to work as a product manager?

Foremost, a degree in a natural science. Even better if it is biology! This helps especially in the beginning, since a basic knowledge is then already given. I think this is also the reason that there are only natural scientists working in our product management team. Another basic requirement are very good English skills since you have to be able to communicate with our international customers, colleagues and service providers. You should enjoy dealing with people and be able to adjust to different characters. Of course you should also be willing to travel.

It is also essential that you are willing to familiarise yourself with the complex topics. For example to know the science behind a text, to be up to date, to know limitations of a test system, advantages and disadvantages compared to the competitor’s products, to read the publications in order to filter the essential information. After all, you should be able to convey this knowledge to the customers. That is a great challenge.

What do you like especially about your job as product manager?

Altogether, the mix of activities is what makes this job so interesting for me. We are a young team and all get along well, which makes working here so enjoyable. And about my job, it is especially the variety of tasks and the traveling I enjoy.

What do you like best in EUROIMMUN?

I really feel at ease here. The employees are offered so much. First of all, the company restaurant. And then the flat hierarchies which really make a difference. I like that everybody treats themselves with the informal “Du”. I think this makes it easier to start a conversation, for example when you speak to one of the directors or the head of department.

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