From medical technician to department head

Janet is the head of department for Allergology Production at the Bernstadt company site (Saxony) and tells us about her personal career.

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Janet. I am a medical technician and have been working at EUROIMMUN since 2000.

What did you train as?

I did an apprenticeship as a medical technical assistant (MTA) in Dresden.

Was being an MTA your dream job?

No. When I was looking for an apprenticeship, I applied for a place as a nurse. Now I am very happy that the MTA apprenticeship in Dresden worked out, otherwise I would not be where I am today.

How did you come to EUROIMMUN?

After my MTA apprenticeship I worked at the Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen. However, I wanted to move back to my home region, so I applied to various companies in the area, among them EUROIMMUN.

At Medica in Düsseldorf I had an interview with the vice chairman Wolfgang Schlumberger and Lothar Renner, the branch manager from Rennersdorf.

A month later I started my new job in my home region.

For which area were you recruited then?

At the end of 2000 the buffer production moved from Lübeck to Rennersdorf. My task was to build up this department here.

What do you do nowadays at EUROIMMUN?

In 2009 I had the chance of a new challenge and since then have been head of the department for Allergology Production.

What are your responsibilities as head of department?

My job is to plan and coordinate different production processes in allergology. This includes, for example:

  • Direct contact with our suppliers, in order to obtain offers for new instruments or to order rental instruments
  • Incoming goods inspections for product-relevant materials
  • Testing and validation of new allergy profiles
  • Monitoring standards for production instruments and procedures and keeping protocols for These

I am therefore the contact person for all employees who are involved in the manufacturing of test systems for allergy diagnostics. At the same time I am the interface between planning and production. All in all I have a variety of tasks which I find a lot of fun.

What characteristics do you need to work in your team?

Very important – our colleagues must be able to work in a team, as we have to achieve certain quotas, which is only possible when everyone works together. Furthermore, you need to have good manual skills and enjoy handicrafts, since you need to be very dextrous to place the chips on the slides. But anyone who enjoys handicrafts will have fun with us.

What does EUROIMMUN offer as an employer that is particularly important to you?

Security. Since EUROIMMUN products are used to diagnose diseases and help people.

And flexibility. Thanks to the working hours and the company kindergarten I can combine my job, my family with four children and my hobby “horse“ well.

What was so far your personal highlight at EUROIMMUN?

I remember particularly well our twenty-year company anniversary here in Rennersdorf. It was a sensational party with a great Programme.

Der Janet, thank you very much for the interview!

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