UNIQO 160 – from primary sample to final result

The UNIQO 160 embodies the next generation of fully automated systems for indirect immunofluorescence diagnostics.

What is behind it?

After the fully automated processing of the indirect immunofluorescence tests (IIFT), the system automatically covers the incubated slides with mounting medium to protect the slides from drying out. This alone is a special feature among fully automated IIFT systems and relieves the user of this work step. But the UNIQO 160 offers even more: thanks to the integrated high-quality microscope unit with automatic objective changer (4x, 10x, 20x) the system is able to take images of the substrates independently after incubation. These images are transmitted to the middleware EUROLabOffice 4.0 (ELO 4.0) for final evaluation. Soon, the EUROPattern Classifier will also be available for the UNIQO 160. This software automatically evaluates the images using state-of-the-art pattern classification based on artificial intelligence methods. The laboratory physician then receives a result proposal, which he/she can confirm or correct directly in the software as required.

The automated system, with a capacity of 160 samples per run, is particularly suitable for laboratories with a medium sample throughput looking for a particularly high level of automation, as no further hands-on time is required from loading to the evaluation in ELO 4.0. Automated scanning of the barcodes on the sample tubes, reagents and slides ensures reliable assignment and complete traceability of the samples and materials throughout the entire process. Thanks to its compact design, the system fits into almost any laboratory.

The UNIQO 160 thus joins the wide range of flexible automation solutions that EUROIMMUN can offer after 30 years of experience in IIFT diagnostics.

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Further information on the UNIQO can be found here:

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