Tag der offenen Tür bei EUROIMMUN in Dassow

Behind the scenes: Open day at EUROIMMUN

One in three adults in Germany suffers from allergies, new infectious diseases are spreading, and in some people, the immune system is fighting against their own body. For over 30 years, EUROIMMUN has been developing test systems for fast and reliable detection of these conditions. But how exactly does this work and what role do […]

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Orientation days – a great start into our apprenticeships

Each year, many young people start apprenticeships at EUROIMMUN. There are biology lab assistants, IT specialists, industrial clerks and dual system students. To make the start into the apprenticeship smoother and to help the apprentices bond, the company invites the group of new EUROIMMUN apprentices on a 2-day orientation trip with a communication seminar lead

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A placement with prospects

Helen tells us about her work placement. She says the time at EUROIMMUN has cemented her career plans Who I am My name is Helen Düchting, I am 21 and from Hamm. I am studying International Management Assistant in the second year, which is a mix of business economy and languages. During my eight-week placement

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