Tag der offenen Tür bei EUROIMMUN in Dassow

Behind the scenes: Open day at EUROIMMUN

One in three adults in Germany suffers from allergies, new infectious diseases are spreading, and in some people, the immune system is fighting against their own body. For over 30 years, EUROIMMUN has been developing test systems for fast and reliable detection of these conditions. But how exactly does this work and what role do BIOCHIPS play? Even though EUROIMMUN is one of the best known employers in the region around Lübeck, only few know what exactly the company does. Moreover, EUROIMMUN not only contributes to a healthier world, but also offers job possibilities in almost 100 different professions. From medical technical assistants in the laboratory and IT staff to production helpers or engineers, at EUROIMMUN, everyone works together, starting from the first idea in R&D, to production, to sales and service.

On 15th September, EUROIMMUN opens its doors at the company site in Dassow in order to show you how this works. From 10 am to 4 pm, you can visit the site, get insight in some of the departments, and receive information on the diverse job possibilities. There are interactive info stands, and additionally, you can have a closer look at different work steps in some special departments and even try things out yourself.

“In this way, visitors can get an idea of how every colleague works close to the product with a high degree of direct responsibility, and get an overall impression of EUROIMMUN as an employer” says Mrs. Susanne Aleksandrowicz, Director of HR and member of the Board of Directors.

This event also offers the opportunity to get in touch with the employees and experience the friendly atmosphere amongst the colleagues, from trainee to Directors, which is one of the highlights in our company culture. Another particularity: the low turnover. EUROIMMUN is growing strongly and aims for long-term cooperations. It is definitely worth a trip to Dassow to visit the company to get to know everything on job possibilities, the application procedure and current vacancies. Who knows, at the end of the event, you might have already met your future colleagues or seen your future workplace.

Please join us and discover EUROIMMUN!

Find more info at www.entdecke-euroimmun.de

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