“No day is like another”

Maria K. is actually a trained dental technician. In the interview she reveals how she started at EUROIMMUN with this qualification and what she likes most at EUROIMMUN.

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you came to EUROIMMUN.

My name is Maria K. and I’ve been working at EUROIMMUN for almost three years in the business division Physical Techniques. I learnt about the company through a private recruitment agency.

What work do you do in Physical Techniques?

In the business division I work as a technician in the department of Serial Production Electronics. We primarily produce different components and then build these into the analysis instruments.

In addition to producing the components and instruments, we take care of the documentation, maintaining for example production plans and inspection protocols. I also provide support for tasks in the area of inventory control –  for example, I do stock receipt controls, arrange optimal storage space for components and record the entry and release of components correctly in the system. All in all, I have a wide variety of responsibilities.

Did you learn this profession?

No, I have actually changed career. I am a qualified dental technician with an additional qualification in industrial business administration.

What is required of someone who works in your team?

From a technical point of view, it is necessary to be manually skilled. I brought this skill with me from my profession of dental technician. It is also helpful to have knowledge in the area of electronics, since it is then easier to become familiar with the materials. However, this is not an essential requirement. As long as you are prepared to acquire the necessary knowledge independently it is not a problem.

Apart from this, you should enjoy working in a team, since in serial production we work closely together within the department and also with related divisions.

Is there anything that you like particularly about your work?

I like especially that my work is multifaceted – no day is like another. I am always motivated as a member of staff to apply my mind and keep my eyes open as to whether the processes could be improved. In addition, my department is at the company site in Dassow, where all other departments that we work closely with are located. This means that we do not have to go far for cross-department work.

And what do you like particularly well about EUROIMMUN as an employer? Were there any special highlights for you?

Up until now there were no particular highlights – for me it’s rather about the complete package that EUROIMMUN offers. The employees are not just supported in their daily work; the whole working environment is designed to be very employee- and family-friendly.

Can you explain this in detail?

Next to the exciting range of work activities, I like the mixture of individual freedom and strong team spirit. Moreover, personal and professional development is promoted.

The working environment is characterised by a friendly atmosphere and the ability to combine family and work. Since job security is high, daily professional and private commitments can be harmonised through flexible working times. For example, during working time, the company restaurant and the drinks flat-rate cover all of my needs. At company parties I always have the opportunity to spend time privately with my colleagues. This strengthens the team spirit.

All of these small things add up to make me feel very comfortable at EUROIMMUN.

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