Housekeepers belong to the EUROIMMUN family just like other colleagues

Sabine O. is employed as a housekeeper at EUROIMMUN and tells us what she likes best about her job.

Please tell us briefly who you are and how you came to work at EUROIMMUN!

My name is Sabine O. and I have been working as a housekeeper at EUROIMMUN for seven years. Originally, I am a qualified restaurant expert. Before I started here, I used to work in a restaurant. But when I saw the job offer from EUROIMMUN, I instantly applied for the job. The job profile seemed to me very interesting and diverse – and it is indeed.

What does your job include?

In addition to the cleaning and care of the offices and recreation rooms I am responsible for catering in our conference rooms and for preparing events. In particular, I ensure that the conference rooms are always clean and tidy for receiving guests and holding customer meetings and that there are coffee, refreshments and snacks available. Together with my colleagues I regularly decorate the common rooms with fresh flowers and look after the kitchens. These need be equipped with water, coffee, clean dishes and so on.

What do you like best about your work?

My personal highlight is that I am in charge of housekeeping the management floor. This shows that I am doing a good job and that I am trustworthy. I am also glad that there is no work at weekends or shift work at EUROIMMUN, as there were in the restaurant. This helps a lot to juggle my job and my family. And I like the fact that we housekeepers belong to the EUROIMMUN family just like the other colleagues and that our work is really appreciated by everyone.

What do you think is necessary for the job?

As a houskeeper cleanliness and thoroughness are a must. You also need to be motivated and friendly because you often deal with business partners, customers and colleagues. You should also be able to work in a team. We need to rely on each other after all.

What does EUROIMMUN offer?

EUROIMMUN is a very social and family-friendly employer. My daughter is looked after in the company-owned kindergarten. It is good to know that she is not far and that I can see her immediately should there be need. I am also glad to be employed on a permanent basis. And I like the friendly and familial atmosphere.

Which other benefits do you appreciate at EUROIMMUN?

The kindergarten and the flexible working hours are the most important things to me. But there is also the coffee and tea flat rate that I enjoy. We frequently have company events or outings such as a free visit to the opera. EUROIMMUN even offers free health care measures, for instance flu vaccination and allergy tests.

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