“I noticed right away that something was different here”

Stefan T. has been working at EUROIMMUN for six weeks and tells us about his first impressions of his new employer.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your tasks at EUROIMMUN.

I’m Stefan and I have only been working at EUROIMMN for some weeks. I work in the engineering department in Dassow. My main tasks are the maintenance and service of the machines and instruments. This includes, amongst other things, the calibration of scales and technical checks of electronic devices to ensure safe functioning and comply with electric and technical norms.

Has this always been your dream job?

Definitely! Already when I was a child I enjoyed disassembling and reassembling things. Later I started to repair broken things myself. I did a vocational training as a construction mechanic, but I have also worked as an aircraft technician. Today I can benefit from the experience I gained previously.

How did you come to EUROIMMUN?

I had heard of EUROIMMUN on some occasions, mostly in the press. This made me curious, and so I started to follow up on the company. When I found a suitable job advertised, I sent in my application right away. I had been working as a technician at another company in Lübeck and just felt like a change.

How did your first day at EUROIMMUN go?

On my first day, there was an introduction for all new colleagues. It was all very well organised. We were given information on the company, its history and development and the different sites, and also on administrative matters. This helped a lot and gave me an overview on the company, where you can find what, where this and that is produced, etc. With this introduction, I also realised just how socially engaged this company is. Even though I had heard some good things already, I hadn’t imagined it like this. This feels extraordinary- just from the start I had the feeling that something is different at EUROIMMUN, in a positive sense.

And how did the next days go?

On the second day, I went to see my mentor in the department. I had been told beforehand who that was in a letter. He showed me my workplace, introduced me to my new colleagues and explained my tasks. I can always turn to him when I have questions. This is very helpful, mostly in the beginning.

What’s your impression after some weeks?

Of course I am still adapting to my new job and the new environment, but I think at the beginning you always worry a bit more than necessary. I really enjoy what I do and feel at ease. The biggest challenge after such a short time is to find my way since the site is really large. I am still running about and need to ask for the way! However, this is rather an advantage since this way I get to know the other departments and colleagues better.

What do you like best of your tasks?

I like that I don’t only deal with the maintenance of one or two devices, but that the spectrum is a bit larger. This makes my work quite diverse and I get to learn many new things. I am also very impressed by the equipment, it is all very modern and state-of-the-art. I had been used to something different before. Sometimes I had to clean some devices for hours before it was possible to repair or service them. If, however, I remove a cover from the machines here, everything is neat and spotless. This makes the work really enjoyable.

What do you like in particular at EUROIMMUN?

You should ask the other way around: “What don’t you like?” and I really wouldn’t know what to answer. I just really feel at ease and enjoy working here.

What I particularly like is that I don’t work shifts, as I did before. I have a little daughter and love spending time with her. I am happy that I have the weekends off now. Owing to the flexible working hours I work a bit longer from Monday till Thursday and get to finish early on Fridays. That is when I get to pick up my little girl from the kindergarten and I look forward to it all week!


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