In the footsteps of Michelangelo

A few days ago, the second international sculpting symposium on the EUROIMMUN premises in Lübeck came to an end. The nine international sculptors had had almost three weeks time to once again prove their skills. This year’s topic was “Humans and Technology”. Instead of the oak wood used during the first symposium 2015, finest Carrara marble was available for the artists – the same material Michelangelo worked with already 500 years ago.

During the finissage on the last day of the symposium, numerous employees and visitors had the chance to choose their three favorite pieces of art. These are the winners:

1. place: “Ausgrabung” (excavation), Norbert Kempf

2. place: “Kosmos” (cosmos), Roman Krasnitsky

3. place: “Pause” (break), Hubert Krauth

Further pieces of art:

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