…and all at once we were finished!


While this sentence has become a habit at birthdays, there are also situations in which it has a very special significance. On one such occasion our eleven apprentices celebrated the successful completion of their apprenticeships.

Their three-year apprenticeship period has now come to an end. They have all shown full commitment in both their practical training at EUROIMMUN and their vocational education. After they had proven in written and practical final exams that they had mastered all important aspects of their profession, they could proudly receive their certificates of qualification.

We offer congratulations on their completed apprenticeships to:

  • Aline, Anika, Anne-Marie, Eileen, Hans, Janett, Julia and Nicole (biology laboratory technicians)
  • Sara (electronic technician for instruments and systems)
  • Alexander (IT specialist for application development)
  • Johannes (IT specialist for system integration)
  • Elisabeth (industrial business management assistant)

We are especially delighted that many of them will stay on at EUROIMMUN as newly qualified staff. We wish all the best to those who have opened the door to a degree course. And who knows – maybe we will see them a second time.

Our biology laboratory technicians have already ceremonially received their certificates. Aline reports how they experienced this special occasion together:

I remember very well the full conference room in the summer of 2013. All of the new apprentices were as I was: excited and extremely curious about what was to come. It seems like this day was only a few months ago, but it was actually three years ago. The 30th June 2016 was the day that we were eagerly awaiting: the awarding of the certificates for our completed apprenticeships as biology laboratory technicians at EUROIMMUN.

We drove together early in the morning to our ceremony in the research centre in Borstel, once again as excited as on the first day of our apprenticeships. As we entered the manor house in Borstel, we were met with the first curious glances from guests, supervisors and other apprentices. We took our places and then it all began.

Prof. Dr. Petersen, Training Manager in the research centre, started with an address about the lovely time with his protégés and the content of the apprenticeship. In her speech that followed, our apprenticeship officer Kerstin compared the apprenticeship to a football team and a competitive tournament. At this point all of us had to hold back a tear or two. In the following addresses by the IHK examiner, the director of the research centre and our class teacher, the importance of lifelong learning and continual further education in our profession was once again emphasised.

Then at last actions followed the words and we received our certificates. We were called forward individually to receive our certificates, a lovely bouquet of flowers and a warm hug from Kerstin. The most important part was now over!

At the end we also wanted to say a few words. Hans gave us an overview of the brilliant time at EUROIMMUN: the diversified practical training, the interesting vocational education, but also the hurdles which had to be overcome. After various gifts had been given, the official part came to an end and we could raise our glasses to the last three years. I speak for all participants when I say that it was an incredible time which we will never forget!

Apprenticeships at EUROIMMUN:

EUROIMMUN has been an apprenticing company for young people since 1995. Now every year around 15 to 20 apprentices begin their professional lives in our company on one of eleven apprenticeship and four dual study programmes. This year, there are for the first time 26 school leavers. The apprenticeship offers are not just limited to life sciences. Alongside biology laboratory technicians, we also train IT specialists, electronic technicians for instruments and systems, cutting machine operators, cooks and patent paralegals. The dual study programme encompasses various areas such as business administration, informatics and electrical engineering and thus covers a wide range of professional interests. Moreover, we offer the apprentices a broad range of free sports and leisure activities, a guarantee to be taken on with good performance, and a trip to get to know each other at the beginning of the apprenticeship.

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