25 years with EUROIMMUN – big anniversary surprise

The 1st June is a special day for Hülya C. She is surprised by her colleagues because of her 25th anniversary of working at EUROIMMUN.

25 years, that is almost as long as EUROIMMUN exists. Hülya remembers well what it was like when she first started. In the beginning, she worked in the production of BIOCHIPs. “There were only two of us and only one production machine. That was a very cosy and familiar atmosphere“. She also remembers that Winfried, the director of the company, often came over to greet the colleagues. Unfortunately this is no longer possible in a company of over 2000 employees.

After twelve years in Production and further 12 years in Quality Control, Hülya has now been working in the housekeeping department for a year. She still likes the familiar atmosphere and really appreciates that the company did not let her down when she went through a hard time.

The day of her anniversary, Hülya is unsuspecting when her colleagues ask her to come over to the company restaurant. Her manager, Petra, and Denise from HR are waiting already to congratulate her. Hülya is surprised and very happy about the flowers, a voucher for a spa weekend in the A-Rosa Resort in Travemünde and another gift from her colleagues. “That is a lovely surprise and I feel very happy that the company rewards me in this way”.

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