Boundless creativity

This year, the EUROIMMUN sculpting classes for the employees took place from 9 May to 12 June. There was a dedicated pavilion on the company premises where the artists were pottering around, sculpting and carving their works. Raw wood, sandstone and steatite were the materials of choice to be worked by the participants of this year’s course. The results are elaborate and impressive figures and sculptures. Prof. Roman Manevic, an experienced and professional sculptor assisted the artists with words and deeds.

On 23rd November there was a little ceremony over coffee and cake where the best works were rewarded:

  1. place: Xing with “Angel of the seas”
  2. place: Sarah with “Wave”
  3. place: Annika with “Eternal bond”
  4. place: Karina with “Occultus literarum”
  5. place: Lutz with “Cormorant”


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