Anti-PLA2R Antibodies – News from ASN Kidney Week 2014

EUROIMMUN US exhibited at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week 2014, the premier international nephrology meeting, in Philadelphia November 11th-16th. More than 13,000 professionals participated and the EUROIMMUN attendees reported on valuable feedback regarding anti-PLA2R antibodies, the new biomarker of primary membranous nephropathy.

“ASN went very well”, concluded Todd Walbrun, the National Accounts Director at EUROIMMUN US and Amanda Aulicino, a Technical Sales Specialist (see picture). “The bulk of the discussion with nephrologists was based around anti-PLA2R and its importance in primary membranous nephropathy diagnosis.  Nephropath and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, two locations offering anti-PLA2R testing in the US, said that interest in the FDA-cleared anti-PLA2R antibody assays by EUROIMMUN was very high and that it attracted traffic to their own booth.  Massachusetts General Hospital, another location offering anti-PLA2R antibody testing is very pleased with the assay as well.”

Additionally, Dr. Joel Topf invited ASN attendees to meet him outside the conference sessions.  Dr. Joel Topf is a well-known nephrologist who has an active social media presence (Blog; Twitter). At ASN Kidney Week 2014, he held a lecture on the use of social media in medical education and patient empowerment. He is enthusiastic about the value of anti-PLA2R as a novel and important biomarker of primary membranous nephropathy. “Dr. Topf spoke very well about the value of the new assays and explained their utilization”, reported Todd Walbrun.

Lauren Sless, a EUROIMMUN US Technical Sales Specialist in attendance at ASN, also spoke with nephrologists who had a keen interest in anti-PLA2R testing: “Since our assays are cleared by the FDA, the feedback from the nephrology community about ordering the anti-PLA2R test for patients is extraordinarily positive.”

Further information on the antibody and the assays can also be obtained from the anti-PLA2R website.

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