“That was like winning the lottery!”

Norma L. is a biology laboratory technician at the company site in Herrnhut-Rennersdorf (Saxony). She tells us what her attachment to home has to do with her job at EUROIMMUN.

Please tell us about yourself and how you came to EUROIMMUN!

My name is Norma and I have been working at EUROIMMUN since 2001. Just after finishing school I applied to EUROIMMUN for a vocational training to be a biology laboratory technician. At that time, they were looking for someone who wanted to do the vocational training at the headquarters in Luebeck and then work at the company site in Rennersdorf. I didn’t want to miss that chance by any means. That just sounded to me like winning the lottery!

What happened after the vocational training?

After concluding my vocational training I went back home, to Upper Lusatia. Together with a colleague, we established a new production department for ELISA plates. In the beginning, it was only three of us and we produced rather small batches. Later, our team consisted of seven people and we produced batches of up to 1300 plates each day. That was quite a challenge and I really enjoyed it!

It was“?

Yes, it was! After my parental leave in 2013, I was asked whether I’d like to work in Research and Development. Since I wanted to try something new and had always been interested in research, I happily took that opportunity!

What exactly do you do now at EUROIMMUN?

Now I work as biology laboratory technician in the Department of Immuno-biochemical Research. My main task is purifying proteins by chromatography and establishing different purification methods. Another central task is protein analytics. I spend the largest part of the day in the lab, performing test protocols and documenting everything on the computer. I especially like the diversity of the tasks and the complexity of the different experiments.

What was your personal highlight at EUROIMMUN?

When our boss offered us the informal “Du“! Up to then I wasn’t used at all to the idea of addressing my boss by “Du”, so this left me really impressed. Now it is just normal for me! It helps to create a relaxed and easy-going working atmosphere.

Norma, what do you like best at EUROIMMUN?

The company culture, for example the excellent food in the restaurant, or the friendly, even familiar atmosphere amongst colleagues, the company parties, birthday or wedding presents… etc. You just get so much back!

Thank you so much for the interview, Norma!

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