Corona is giving a boost to mycology

Guest contribution: Article series on the subject of state-of-the-art mycology in dermatology, 9th article by Prof Hans-Jürgen Tietz, Director of the Institute of Fungal Diseases in Berlin, Germany Recently, a patient said goodbye to me with the words: “If we are not successful with the culture, then I want the genetic test. My health insurance […]


New ELISA for diagnostics of Aspergillus infections

Aspergillus spp. are ubiquitous moulds which are found in the soil, compost, or on humid walls. They form single-celled spores that spread through the air and of which every person inhales hundreds every day. Their concentration is especially increased in the summer. In people with an intact immune system, inhalation of the spores has usually


Toxoplasmosis in cats – Diagnosis of acute infections using an avidity test

Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease which is caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and primarily affects cats. Nonetheless, other mammals, including humans, can be an intermediary host and become infected with this pathogen. The detection of Toxoplasma infections in humans is of great significance in pre-natal diagnostics since primary infections of the mother may lead

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