30 years experience in IFA diagnostics

Always the perfect match for the automation of your lab routine EUROIMMUN has been building expertise in immunofluorescence diagnostics since the 1980s. The indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) serves as an essential screening method for detecting many types of autoantibodies. It offers a broad antigen spectrum due to the use of cells and tissues as antigenic […]

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EUROPattern Microscope Live – the successful implementation of a smart concept

The launch of the new automatic immunofluorescence microscope EUROPattern Microscope Live is the final step of a development project which was first initiated in 2016 by EUROIMMUN’s founder and former CEO Prof Winfried Stöcker. He had the idea of a smaller version of the established EUROPattern Microscope, a microscope for computer-aided immunofluorescence diagnostics which is


EUROIMMUN Launches Novel Ultrafast Automated Microscope and Intelligent Software for State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Press Release EUROIMMUN today announced the launch of the EUROPattern Microscope Live (EPML) compact immunofluorescence microscope, available with the fourth generation of the Company’s well-established EUROLabOffice 4.0 (ELO 4.0) laboratory management software. The combined system of hardware and software allows for ultrafast automated immunofluorescence image acquisition, pattern recognition and titer estimation as well as modern


500 EUROPatterns – Time to look back on the success story of our system for computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy

The project “automated immunofluorescence microscopy” was initiated in 2005 by EUROIMMUN founder Prof Winfried Stöcker, firstly especially for immunofluorescence tests based on HEp-2 cells for the detection of antinuclear antibodies (ANA). At that time, there was an international consent that ANA immunofluorescence diagnostics had to be modernised and made more efficient and especially more standardised.

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