The summer party – a EUROIMMUN tradition

Every two years almost 1000 employees and stockholders celebrate the traditional EUROIMMUN summer party subsequent to the general business meeting in July. And there was a lot to celebrate this year again.

The long-term employees already awaited the party while new employees were curious about the program. Because the stories about the previous summer parties suggested: Today it is not about work, but about enjoying, dancing, laughing and eating!

As for preceding parties, concerts and exhibitions, the scene of the summer party was the company ground close to the lake “Blankensee” in Lübeck which had already been prepared days before.

The invitation promised “Excellent food and beverages, dancing music at its best and spectacular entertainment by various artists”. And the program absolutely delivered on its promises: ”Vocal Recall”, a boy group with a “front woman” opened the party with its music performance, the comedian Thomas Nicolai took over the entertainment of the guests. In the evening, the comedian Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinski and the artistic diabolo duo “Twin Spin” took care of the good mood, prior to the opening of the dance floor in the company restaurant. At that point, the EUROIMMUN music band entered the stage and obviously presented a perfect performance – the dance floor was crowded. For those, however, who preferred to keep it quiet and concentrated, a biathlon shooting area was built up to test their shooting precision.

Eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and relaxing in the garden – this is what the summer party is about. And of course, the good weather! As it was in previous years, the clouds disappeared just in time and the temperature rose to pleasant 25°C.

So the last guests did not leave the party till daybreak and this is also something like a tradition.

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