Immunoblot-PreQ – less manual work load performing immunoblots

In a diagnostic laboratory performing numerous blot assays per day, it may turn into an ordeal to accurately and carefully place every strip of a line blot with a tweezer into the incubation tray. And during the incubation it is essential to ensure that the strips are always covered with sufficient liquid and do not flip.

Wouldn’t it be easier for these labs if the incubation trays were pre-equipped with the blot strips and if these were fixed within the trays? The EUROIMMUN scientists also thought so and developed Immunoblot-PreQ (pre-equipped, see title picture).

Every tray of the Immunoblot-PreQ format contains one blot strip which is tightly fixed at the bottom. To ensure that the user remains flexible in the compilation of the assays, the individual, pre-equipped trays can be combined as required via an easy plug system.

So far, different EUROLINEs for the diagnostics of autoimmune diseases – such as collagenoses, paraneoplastic neurological syndromes and autoimmune liver diseases – are available as Immunoblot-PreQ. Further profiles, also for infection diagnostics, will be launched soon.

Incubation and evaluation of the Immunoblot-PreQ are fully automated. Thus, the pre-equipment of blot strips within the novel system further reduces the manual work load to a minimum.

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