Our solutions for maximum blot efficiency!

With the introduction of the EUROMicroblots last year, we miniaturised our successful blot technology to the size of a microplate well to make processing even more efficient and to save resources.

The perfect device to match: Our compact Microwell Imager. The benchtop device for image acquisition of EUROMicroblots works at a speed of one image per second, enabling fast and reliable results.

We were able to take a look at the laboratory “rheumapraxis an der hase”, which has very successfully integrated both products into its routine workflow. Specialist Dr. Johannes Hornig spoke to us and told us why automation has become so important to him and what has changed for his team since the introduction of the EUROMicroblots and the Microwell Imager.

You need more information about immunoblots and the matching automation solutions from EUROIMMUN? Visit our website for detailed information on our blot systems and devices.

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