The EUROIMMUN family has a new member: France

The EUROIMMUN family is steadily growing and now has a new member: a new subsidiary in France. On the 1st April, we acquired 100 percent of the shares of BIO ADVANCE in Bussy-Saint-Martin near Paris and thus made it part of the EUROIMMUN group.

EUROIMMUN products have been successfully distributed in France by BIO ADVANCE since 1997. EUROIMMUN AG and the BIO ADVANCE director and company founder Claude Audiberti have been linked by a close partnership for many years. Since Claude could not find a suitable successor for the business in his family, he offered EUROIMMUN to incorporate BIO ADVANCE into the group. We happily agreed. BIO ADVANCE will become part of EUROIMMUN’s global network of subsidiaries and will be re-named as EUROIMMUN France SAS soon.

We are pleased to remain director of the French subsidiary (Claude) and to manage the branch from Germany as its president (Dr Wolfgang Schlumberger).

In 2013, the profit situation of BIO ADVANCE was very good. During this year and in the coming years, we would like to continue this story of success. The French market, particularly in the North African countries, has got a lot of potential for products of our field. We are very pleased not only to take over all 22 employees, but also a large number of regular customers. Also, we will be able to benefit from the years of experience which Claude and his team can contribute to our business.

On December 31st, BIO ADVANCE has officially been renamed to EUROIMMUN France.

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