EUROIMMUN – a multinational company

At EUROIMMUN, worldwide over 1,800 colleagues of 35 different nationalities work hand in hand. EUROIMMUN fosters lasting and amicable relationships with subsidiaries and distributors in over 100 countries.

We respect and value our employees, partners and friends – regardless of their nationality or religious orientation. We are extremely grateful to all colleagues who develop, produce and sell our products worldwide: for their valuable work, their inventiveness and their high level of commitment.

Every year around 1,000 guests from over 50 countries visit the company and praise the pleasant working atmosphere and the friendly, cooperative team spirit. Students from all over the world do their training placements at EUROIMMUN, complete sections of their master and doctorate studies, or contribute to international research projects with cooperation partners from all five continents.

It is extremely important to us to create an atmosphere of openness and tolerance in our company. That we have achieved this is shown by the ample positive feedback of colleagues from different countries and cultures.

We are very thankful that our company is situated in a country that offers us the highest degree of security and economic prosperity. From this position of privilege we feel great compassion for people who live in regions where they are constantly exposed to danger. For us it is a matter of course that refugees from such countries are welcome in Germany and received with friendliness. Moreover, we advocate that all foreign nationals living in Germany be treated with respect and openness – as we have been doing at EUROIMMUN for many years.

The Board of Directors of EUROIMMUN AG

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