EUROIMMUN and Homed-IQ offer Corporate COVID-19 Antibody Testing Program

With the Corporate COVID-19 Antibody Testing Program, EUROIMMUN gives companies the possibility to offer to their staff what EUROIMMUN has already offered to their own employees: an easy, well-organised option to check their Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody titers for free following infection or two vaccinations.

Considering the alarmingly high number of COVID-19 cases in Germany and other countries at present, many people are asking themselves whether their antibody titers are still high enough several months after their last vaccination or following infection and whether their body has produced an adequate antibody reaction to the vaccination in the first place. It has become clear by now that the concentration of protective antibodies decreases with time (which varies depending on the vaccine used) meaning that a booster dose is necessary to maintain protection.

By offering a testing program, companies can make their employees more confident again about working on site while at the same time increasing awareness of the importance of vaccinations and the booster dose.

“I was surprised by how much my antibody titer had decreased. Shortly after the vaccination I had a concentration of 3,800 BAU/ml – now, six months later, it’s just 320 BAU/ml. I had my booster jab immediately after receiving the second test result,” explains an EUROIMMUN sales representative who used the company’s offer back in November to have her antibody concentration determined.

And the testing process is incredibly simple:

EUROIMMUN sends blood collection kits directly to the employees’ homes via its cooperation partner Homed-IQ, a supplier of at-home blood tests. The employees can order the test on the Homed-IQ website using a specific company code. The blood collection kit contains all materials needed to draw a few drops of blood from the fingertip (no venous puncture required!). Only a total of five drops need to be placed onto a filter paper. After drying, the samples are sent to a certified partner lab using a pre-paid envelope where they are then analysed with an ELISA (not a rapid test!). The result from the lab is then approved by a doctor and digitally transmitted to the sender via a secure data connection.

Our colleague confirms: “The whole process was super easy and fast. I had the result within a couple of days. I will have my titer checked again now that I have had my booster jab. It’s important to be protected and minimise the risk of transmitting the virus – especially when you have to travel a lot and visit many other labs like I do.”

If you are interested or have any questions regarding the Corporate COVID-19 Antibody Testing Program, feel free to contact us: or

Of course, individuals can also easily and quickly have their antibodies titers determined using a Homed-IQ test kit. Current offer: 20% discount on antibody testing.

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