23 at one swoop

Using the EUROLINE ANA Profil 23 a patient sample can be tested for autoantibodies against 23 different nuclear antigens in one incubation. They are considered as the most important antigens which underlie the nuclear ANA patterns defined by an international consensus. For more than 50 years the abbreviation “ANA” has been used to describe anti-nuclear antibodies which […]


Novel test for differentiation of “true“ peanut allergies and unproblematic cross reactions

Peanut allergies belong to the most frequent food allergies which already establish during infancy. Contact with the allergen often causes severe systemic reactions of the organism including circulatory collapse (anaphylaxis). The diagnosis of a peanut allergy mostly implies serious restrictions of the patient’s life quality, especially with respect to the diet, since every contact with


Screening, confirmation and differentiation of echinococcosis using serological tests

Infectious serology at EUROIMMUN does not only include diagnostics of bacterial or viral infectious diseases but also of those caused by parasites. Examples are the cystic and alveolar echinococcoses which are induced by tapeworm larvae of the genus Echinococcus (E. granulosus and E. multilocularis). The larval stages attack the liver, primarily, and form characteristic fluid-filled

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