Advantages of the modern allergy diagnostics

In the current issue of the medical journal Trillium Diagnostik (14(3): 172-173), Prof Dr Rudolf Gruber and Dr Gabriele Egert, experts for laboratory diagnostics, clearly explain the advantages of defined recombinant allergen components which are applied in modern molecular allergy diagnostics. While allergens which are extracted and purified from natural allergen sources always constitute a […]


Peanut allergy: same but different

Two children, Lisa and Tom, are tested for different food allergies with a skin test by an allergist at the same day, since both children complain about various symptoms such as oral prickling, rashes and nausea. In both cases, the allergy test indicates an obvious immune reaction against peanut extract – a diagnostic agent which


Identifying and understanding insect venom allergies

They can spoil your appetite for ice cream, cold lemonade or a lovely breakfast on the terrace. And this summer they are reported to be particularly numerous. Wasps! In search for food they leave their nests in swarms, boldly helping themselves to the rich buffets found with us humans. Particularly for those people who are

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