Review article on the diagnostics of autoimmune dermatoses published

Recently, a very interesting review article on the diagnostics of bullous dermatoses has been published in Frontiers of Immunology, a peer-reviewed journal. The publication is authored by EUROIMMUN scientists, who were invited to write an expert review article on this important topic. Over the past few years, EUROIMMUN has become a true leader in this diagnostic niche with regard to serology.

Autoimmune bullous dermatoses encompass a variety of rare and severe skin diseases that mainly manifest with cutaneous or mucosal blisters and erosions. The diseases are caused by autoantibodies targeting structural proteins of the skin that are responsible for the intercellular contact between epidermal keratinocytes and for the adhesion of basal keratinocytes to the dermis. The autoantibodies disrupt these adhesive functions, leading to splitting and blister formation. Early and reliable identification of autoimmune bullous dermatoses is crucial for both treatment and prognosis, particularly as regards tumour-associated disease entities. The diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms, histopathology, direct immunofluorescence to detect antibody/complement deposits, and the determination of circulating autoantibodies in the serum.

EUROIMMUN supports reliable serological diagnostics of these severe autoimmune diseases. Our broad product range, including a large variety of IIFT BIOCHIP Mosaics and monospecific ELISAs, which are automatable, provides highest flexibility. We also offer a particularly large number of parameters to diagnose even rare disease forms, such as paraneoplastic pemphigus or mucous membrane pemphigoid. In this way, every patient can be aided properly.

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