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The (ChLIA) journey begins

The use of chemiluminescence immunoassays (ChLIAs) in allergy diagnostics is not new. However, finding a suitable, reliable and simple random-access solution can sometimes be difficult. This is where our IDS-iSYS comes in: Designed for ease of use and reliable operation, this compact benchtop instrument is ready for the first test of the day in just a few steps. Samples and reagents can be continuously loaded into the IDS-iSYS during operation (random access), while the instrument takes care of all the other steps automatically – as you would expect from a true walk-away system. The first result is available in just 40 minutes. Using the bidirectional connection to the laboratory management software EUROLabOffice 4.0, all results are automatically archived and can be easily compared with test results from other diagnostic methods thanks to the clear patient history. This makes it much easier to interpret results quickly and reliably.

Gaining height

Particularly for laboratories that perform tests from other diagnostic areas in addition to ChLIAs for allergy diagnostics, the IDS-iSYS is the ideal automation solution. It allows ChLIAs for the diagnostics of autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, endocrinology, bone metabolism and infections as well as for therapeutic drug monitoring to be processed on a single instrument. This not only facilitates differential diagnostics but also allows optimal use of instrument capacity.

Looking ahead with ease

With the combined expertise of EUROIMMUN and IDS, we can ensure that you receive comprehensive service and support. Our common goal is to build trusted relationships with our customers. Personalised, honest and competent service and support is our top priority, from face-to-face meetings to on-site implementation and training, and targeted support from our application specialists.


Find out more about our journey together, our allergy ChLIAs and the matching solution IDS-iSYS!

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