“It is a responsibility to produce medical tests”

Jenny P. is a production worker at EUROIMMUN and tells us how she got from a completely different job to working in the field of bio-technology

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you came to EUROIMMUN.

I‘m Jenny and I have been working for EUROIMMUN for two years now. I am a horse trainer and had really never before dealt with medicine and diagnostics. I got the information about the job as production worker from the job centre. I sent in my application and was accepted! I was very happy and excited about this chance!

What are your tasks as a production worker?

I work in the department ELISA Autoimmune Diagnostics. Here we produce medical tests called ELISA. They are used to detect many different autoimmune diseases in the laboratory. I help the medical technical assistants (MTA) during priming and processing of the microplates in the coating room.

What kind of plates are these and how do you prepare them?

The ELISA plates are rectangular plastic plates with 96 little wells. I mount the plates and prepare all the necessary devices. The coating of the plates determines which disease may be detected in a patient using this ELISA. I also help the MTAs in the processing of the ELISA plates. In the end, the plates are cleaned and sealed.

What else are your tasks?

Of course there are also other tasks in our daily laboratory routine, for example filling up the boxes for pipetting tips or cleaning the lab ware. I am also in charge of some of the lab devices. They always need to be clean and working properly as we use them every day!

Do you like your work?

Yes, of course! I like what I do, it never gets boring in the laboratory as our tasks are very diverse. I also like the fact that we are given important tasks – I think it is quite a responsibility to produce medical tests.

What else do you like about your job?

I am glad that everybody gets along so well. The atmosphere is very relaxed and familiar. Everyone is friendly, right from the start. The company buildings in Lübeck are located in the middle of nature, which is really nice. Nevertheless, it is very easily accessible by car. Also, my job gives me security, as it is a permanent employment.

Which characteristics and features would you think are necessary to work as a production worker at EUROIMMUN?

I think it is very important to be motivated and interested in what we are doing! If you have that hands-on attitude, expertise or work experience is not even that important! Of course I was asked in my job interview whether I was experienced in production processes and production machines. However, everything you need to know, you will be taught whilst working – learning by doing!

What personalities would you reckon suit your team?

I think it is most important to be a team player! In the lab, we are many colleagues who work together. Also, diligence is important This is actually one of the most important requirements! And motivation and flexibility! There are many different tasks to fulfil in the lab, and some of them might not be as exciting as others, but they still need to be done. Whoever is motivated and open-minded and likes to work is in the right place.

Have there been any highlights for you personally at EUROIMMUN?

Well, it is already a highlight for me to work at EUROIMMUN. Last year, I participated in a very interesting seminar about communication psychology. I had never taken part in anything similar before! I really liked the combination of theory and practice (there were relaxing exercises and role plays between the theoretical training units). It was a great day and I learnt a lot! I was even able to use some of that new knowledge in my everyday life!

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