Novel test for differentiation of “true“ peanut allergies and unproblematic cross reactions

Peanut allergies belong to the most frequent food allergies which already establish during infancy. Contact with the allergen often causes severe systemic reactions of the organism including circulatory collapse (anaphylaxis). The diagnosis of a peanut allergy mostly implies serious restrictions of the patient’s life quality, especially with respect to the diet, since every contact with […]


Identifying and understanding insect venom allergies

They can spoil your appetite for ice cream, cold lemonade or a lovely breakfast on the terrace. And this summer they are reported to be particularly numerous. Wasps! In search for food they leave their nests in swarms, boldly helping themselves to the rich buffets found with us humans. Particularly for those people who are


EAACI: Nut allergies are in the focus of allergy research

More than 7,600 attendees were present at the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Congress, which took place in Barcelona at the beginning of June. It is considered the most important allergy congress, being visited by many internationally renowned scientists and offering ample possibilities for a lively exchange of information. This year, EUROIMMUN


Spring, Flowers, Allergy

Spring is coming and you can tell: the sun is up earlier in the morning, the birds are singing, early bloomers can be seen in the gardens and by the wayside, and, another sure sign, people who are allergic to pollen start sneezing and sniffling. Even experts are unable to explain why some people develop

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