Colourful lanterns on the premises

As most children in Germany, the one to six year old girls and boys of the EUROIMMUN kindergarten joined an autumn lantern walk – a German tradition to St. Martin’s Day. After sunset, the children carried their glowing self-made lanterns and, together with their parents and grandparents walked across the premises, singing the traditional songs. Before their […]


EUROIMMUN rewarded for outstanding “Corporate development”

In the competition „Entrepreneur of the year 2014 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania“, EUROIMMUN received the award in the category „Corporate development“ in May 2014. With this prize, the company is rewarded as an outstanding example of entrepreneurial action in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and of exceptional economic and social responsibility. Already today, EUROIMMUN has 400 employees working in


CXCL13: Timely diagnosis of Lyme neuroborreliosis

Every once in a while, physicians face a patient with rather unspecific symptoms of exhaustion, sore muscles and joints, bad headache and sometimes even neurological deficits and paralysis. Only if the patient remembers or if the physician explicitly asks, may the cause be rapidly found: a tick bite – an indication that the person may be infected with Borrelia and is suffering from


Lyme neuroborreliosis – misleading symptoms

A fictional story … Diffuse complaints … Since weeks Lisa M. (36) feels exhausted, has aching legs and arms and has developed a fever. Initially, of course, she thought she had the flu. After a while she felt better. But now, the pain has come back: She has burning pain in her muscles and joints, especially

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