Our House of Engineers in figures

The construction works for the House of Engineers in Dassow started with the ground-breaking ceremony on 2nd July 2015. EUROIMMUN‘s company site was extended by a 4,000 m² building with a height of 16 m, 3.5 floors and a basement – the first one in the industrial area “Holmer Berg”. Moreover, 180 additional parking spaces were built for the employees.

The building counts 27 office spaces, 4 production spaces with a 6 m-storey height, 3 conference rooms, a cafeteria and a leisure room. These all are equipped with 680 crystal windows and doors, 462 desks and chairs,  457 cupboard keys, 300 ceiling lights, 79 indoor plants, 41 conference room chairs, 30 coat racks, 10 wall clocks and 3 big-screen monitors, one of which is a special construction fixed at the ceiling.

If you feel like making up for the sedentary work at the desk, you need 233 steps to circle the building on the penthouse level and 231 to climb two staircases. In case there is not enough muscle strength to walk this – there is also a lift which takes less than 70 seconds for the way up.

When it comes to other technical equipment, the figures are similarly impressive. Only for electronics and lighting, 30 km of cables, 30 km for data cables and controlling, 5 km of 380 V three-phase current cables and 3 km cable ducts and pipes were laid. Moreover, our floor tilers have worked for 6,324 hours on 1.274 m² granite floors, using 5.5 tons of tile adhesive.

1 year in the House of Engineers summed up: That means 221 work days with 110.5 hours of lunch break. 274 hands working for 242,216 hours in order to develop and produce numerous new devices, and with great success: 4 of them were patented! This hard work also explains the high consumption of coffee beans, which amounted to 15,562,000 in 2018.

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