Webinar on measles and mumps: two forgotten diseases of recurring relevance

Measles and mumps, two forgotten diseases, reveal an unfortunate comeback. In a free webinar, Oliver Sendscheid, PhD, Scientific Director at EUROIMMUN US, and Rolando Pajon, PhD, Lead Scientist for Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Laboratory Solutions at COVANCE CLS address the current epidemiologic status of measles and mumps, challenges and solutions in serological testing, perspectives in vaccine […]


A visit at the Workshop on Biomarkers for Neurodegeneration

A good jog to start the day and wake the brain up! That was the first item on the agenda of the workshop on neurodegenerative diseases, organised by Dr Britta Brix for the colleagues from the international EUROIMMUN subsidiaries. The company has by now a large number of test systems for the determination of biomarkers


EUROIMMUN’s exhibitions and congress participation in September

In September, EUROIMMMUN will again be present at several national and international congresses and exhibitions with exciting scientific reports and own booths. You can meet us in Stuttgart on the 45th Congress of the German Society for Rheumatology from September 6th to 9th. The congress shall provide the opportunity for exchange between rheumatology and adjacent

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Webinar: Autoimmune encephalitis – Anti-NMDAR and beyond

On July 26th, EUROIMMUN US organizes a webinar on autoimmune encephalitis. The presenter will be Maarten Titulaer, PhD, professor for neurology at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Previously, he worked with Prof. Josep Dalmau, who first described the anti-NMDAR encephalitis, at the universities of Pennsylvania and Barcelona, investigating anti-NMDAR and anti-LGI1 antibodies. Registration for the webinar


In the footsteps of Michelangelo

A few days ago, the second international sculpting symposium on the EUROIMMUN premises in Lübeck came to an end. The nine international sculptors had had almost three weeks time to once again prove their skills. This year’s topic was “Humans and Technology”. Instead of the oak wood used during the first symposium 2015, finest Carrara marble was

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