Der EUROIMMUN Anti-Mayaro-Viren-ELISA

New pathogens on the rise – first commercial antibody detection test for Mayaro virus diagnostics now available

Over the past years, a global spread of a multitude of new viruses and other pathogens has been observed, leading to previously unknown diseases. Lately, there was an increase in epidemics of vector-borne infectious diseases, especially in tropical regions. Alongside dengue and chikungunya fever, Zika fever, which spread in large parts of the South American


Recording of the webinar on measles and mumps

Measles and mumps, two forgotten diseases, reveal an unfortunate comeback. In a free webinar on February 15th, Oliver Sendscheid, PhD, Scientific Director at EUROIMMUN US, and Rolando Pajon, PhD, Lead Scientist for Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Laboratory Solutions at COVANCE CLS addressed the current epidemiologic status of measles and mumps, challenges and solutions in serological testing,

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