Reliably recognizing dengue at any time

Dengue fever is spreading rapidly worldwide. The map displays the high number of countries which are threatened by dengue to date. Even in Europe, the number of infected persons increases every year. They have caught the responsible dengue virus (DENV) during vacation in tropical or subtropical countries. The virus is transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite. Dengue fever is


Dengue fever, virus and mosquito

Many people enjoy travelling the world during their well-deserved holidays. But nobody wants to catch an infection during this time. Particularly, the risk of a dengue infection is often underestimated, although the tropical fever nowadays belongs to the most frequent virus infections in the world. Dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus (DENV) which is


MERS outbreak in the Asian Pacific Region

More than one month ago, the Republic of Korea confirmed its first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) infection. Since then, the number has raised to 180 including 31 deaths (WHO, 26.06.2015). One MERS infection has been reported in China so far. The man has already recovered and will leave the hospital within the

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