The diagnostic laboratory has changed a lot over the past decades. Automated systems have become an indispensable part of the lab due to the ever increasing analysis throughput. Therefore, EUROIMMUN has developed a large number of intelligent automation solutions for processing and evaluation of test systems such as ELISA, indirect immunofluorescence tests, immunoblots, molecular genetic detection and chemiluminescence immunoassays. We are happy to present you a selection of all these at this year’s MEDICA (Hall 1, Booth D06).

  • EUROLabWorkstations for ELISA and IIFT, our high-throughput instruments for fully automated processing for large sample volumes
  • MERGITE!, our stand-alone device for washing of IIFT slides
  • EUROPattern 1.5, a fully automated fluorescence microscope for computer-aided evaluation of IIFT
  • EUROPattern Microscope Live for live microscopy via touch screen and fully automated image recording in less than two seconds per image
  • EUROBlotOne, an instrument for fully automated processing of immunoblots
  • PreNat II for efficient extraction of nucleic acids and preparation of PCR reactions as well as the EUROArrayScanner for evaluation of our molecular genetic tests
  • RA Analyzer 10, the compact random-access instrument for complete automation of chemiluminescence immunoassays

Moreover, PerkinElmer Inc. will present their compact DNA/RNA isolation system chemagic Prepito and triple quadrupole mass spectrometer QSight at the booth.

We are also looking forward to presenting you our new test systems, such as the Aspergillus Antigen ELISA (detection of galactomannoprotein for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis), the EUROArray Dermatomycosis (microarray for complete identification of the most important pathogens causing fungal infection of the skin) and the continuously growing portfolio of our new bead-based ChLIAs for the use on random-access devices.