Dr. Wolfgang Schlumberger becomes new CEO

Prof. Dr. Winfried Stöcker, the founder and director of the board of EUROIMMUN will leave the company by 30th June 2019 due to his age. Dr. Wolfgang Schlumberger, who has been vice president of the board, will succeed him.

“We are glad that Winfried Stöcker will remain connected to EUROIMMUN as a contributor and innovation source to support EUROIMMUN moving forward” says PerkinElmer CEO Robert Friel. Susanne Aleksandrowicz (HR / Organisation and Administration), Wolfgang Schlumberger and Dirk Beecker (Finances), fellow members of the Board for many years, are proud to have walked this path together. “Our corporate philosophy, for example our friendly company culture, which has been exemplified by Winfried Stöcker, will be held up”, says Susanne Aleksandrowicz.

Winfried Stöcker, who was born 1947 in Upper Lusatia, will continue to run his diagnostic laboratory in Groß Grönau near Lübeck. He will also focus on his work in projects such as the Lübeck Airport, and the Görlitz Department Store. Moreover, he will establish a small confiture factory in Upper Lusatia.

Dr. Wolfgang Schlumberger was born in Münster in 1960. He studied biology and philosophy at the University of Münsterm where he also obtained his Doctor’s degree in 1989. He started his professional career at the Leibniz Institute for Atherosclerosis Research of the University of Münster. Since 1991, he has been responsible for the development and production of autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics, which today account for two thirds of the company turnover. Dr. Schlumberger is also president of the EUROIMMUN subsidiaries in the US, Brazil and France. “We are excited about a continued growth of the EUROIMMUN business under Dr. Wolfgang Schlumberger’s leadership” says PerkinElmer CEO Robert Friel. Dr. Schlumberger is confident about his new task: “I am very much looking forward to working together with all my colleagues as successfully as we have been doing over the past decades”.