Indirect immunofluorescence assays (IFA) count among the fundamental screening methods for the determination of antibodies, for example in autoimmune or infectious diseases. The global demand for IFA diagnostics is continually increasing but there is a general lack of skilled staff to perform and evaluate the analyses. To minimise the manual workload, especially in the case of high sample volumes, and to deliver highly standardised results, high-performance automation systems are needed.

EUROIMMUN supports laboratories in overcoming these challenges and has been creating innovative solutions for immunofluorescence diagnostics for over thirty years, always with the goal to increase the efficiency and standardisation of indirect immunofluorescence analyses. Due to constant further development EUROIMMUN can now offer two innovations to its customers: the EUROLabPolaris software and the fully automated IFA system UNIQO 160, which will be available soon.

Clinical Laboratory International (CLI) talked to Dr. Panagiotis Grypiotis, Head of Product Management Autoimmune Diagnostics, Endocrinology/Biologics and Automation & Software at EUROIMMUN to learn how the new technologies can transform IFA analyses in the laboratory. Here is an excerpt:

EUROLabPolaris supports laboratories that can process IFA, but cannot diagnostically evaluate and verify the results, for example due to a lack of staff with experience in immunofluorescence diagnostics.

The UNIQO 160 […] is our first system that truly fully automates the processing plus evaluation of IFA. In this respect, it represents the next generation of IFA automation.

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New automation technologies at the vanguard of IFA diagnostics – Clinical Laboratory int. (

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