Contribution by our brazilian colleagues:

Last month EUROIMMUN Brazil and PerkinElmer attended the 53º Brazilian Congress of Clinical Pathology/ Laboratory Medicine held in Rio de Janeiro.

This is one of the most important Congress of Clinical Pathology and summarizes the hard work of the industry to strengthen the role of clinical laboratories and their professionals in disease prevention, diagnosis and prognosis.

The event had 150 exhibitors, including big labs like Hermes Pardini, DB, Einstein, Fleury besides other players from the diagnostic market. The Brazilian Congress of Clinical Pathology gathers on average 4.2 million participants including congressmen, visitors, speakers and exhibitors.

During the congress we had the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of EUROLabWorkstation IFA equipment and to foster our good customer relationships at our booth of 119 m² in a relaxed atmosphere. Take a look here.